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30/03/2015 | |

Earlier this week I wrote a post about how I don't feel good enough for blogging because I cannot take pictures of my eyes and I am not photogenic at all. That I don't like myself.
But after writing those, I realized a few things.
Firstly: Screw it! I don't want to feel like that anymore, so I just change my thinking.

I am so sick of feeling sorry for myself all the time. Yes, I am not perfect, so what?! So, here is what I told myself:

I won't compare myself anymore.
We all are individual and it is good that way! Wouldn't life be extremely boring if we all are the same?
I may still think other people are extremely cool and that I would like to be a little more like them, but that ain't happening. So better scratch those thoughts, Isabel.

I won't say I am not good enough anymore.
Yes, I am not perfect, but nobody is. (As you may notice, I struggle with this one.) I will always try to be the best possible me I can be, but I don't want to feel like shit just because I tell myself I am shit. As I am writing this, I think about how I could have ever been thinking like that? Why do we tear not only us ourselves, but also other people down?
Let us support eachother. Let us support ourselves. Let us spread positivity around the world!
It may not change the world, but it may change the world for someone.

I want to enjoy my body, my life, me.
We don't do anything good sitting here feeling sorry for ourselves.
So - maybe probably easier said than done - just STOP it.
Listen to some good music. Do some Yoga (I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene!) or meditate. Take a walk outside and look at the beautiful world.
This may sound totally cray-cray, but isn't nature just amazing? How it changes, how it gives us life and everything! (Don't know where I am going with this. Just roll with it.)
Meet friends or get to know some new people. Most of the times it is easier than you think! Just get yourself out there and enjoy it.
Meeting people is actually the best advice I can give you. On a bad day, even if it is just at work, I instantly feel better because I am surrounded by other human beings - and because I am that lucky it is the supportive and positive kind. Surround yourself with a community of that nature.

I want to work on myself.
I am in therapy and I can highly recommend it. Just try it once.
Therapy isn't only for sick people, therapy is getting help to help yourself. Doesn't sound so bad, right?
I discovered so many new things about my body and me up to this date - and there is so much more to come!
Of course it is hard work, but that does not mean that you won't feel better about yourself in the end.
If you do not have the chance to talk to a therapist, talk to a good and supportive friend - even people on the internet can help you so much.

 So, what are your top tips for when you are feeling down? How do you change your thinking?

And here is some of my favorite happy music: Paramore! I actually love all of their stuff, but their newest album just reminds me of good ol' times and I love it - makes me instantly happy!

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